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Does This Describe Your Life As A Clinic Owner ?


You are a Practice owner finding it hard to treat patient’s full time and keep up with the demands of running the business?

You have little or no systems in your practice and are firefighting all of the time?

You thought when you started your clinic that it would deliver the finances and lifestyle you wanted…..It hasn’t turned out that way?

 You are working harder than anyone else in the clinic and are often the last to be paid?

 Your holidays are brief and spent worrying about the lost income by not being at work?

✅ You sometimes wonder if it was ever worth starting your own Health Clinic and wish you didn’t have to worry about money all the time?


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"The New Patient's On Tap Formula Live"


London February 25th 2023

Due to the workshop nature of this 1 day course spaces are limited

This Live One Day Events  Reveal the Exact Steps and Protocols Used by the World’s Most Successful, Profitable and Worry Free Health Business Owners to Attract & Retain Their Ideal Profitable Patient

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Get these simple '6 Secrets To Boosting Your Clinic's Profits' without spending on paid marketing.

Find out how other Health Care Clinic owners are generating enough leads to fill their books and how they can turn it up and down as they need to.

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'I Grew My Clinic By 170% in 12 months.' 


An interview with client, Kay Johnson


Kay Johnson is a Podiatrist and clinic owner in Cheshire, UK. She has been a member of our group coaching programme for just 1 year. In this episode of the More Practice Profits Podcast Kay talks about her journey over the past year and how she has grown her clinic from just her to a team that looks after her growing patient database and is allowing her to live a better life.

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Is It Possible To Build A Clinic That Works Without You?

  • Wouldn't it be great to be able to get up in the morning without having to worry will you make enough today to pay the bills
  • How would you feel if you could go on an extended holiday knowing that your clinic is running like a well oiled machine without you
  • Would you like to have a clinic that provided best practice medical care to even more patients without you having to do all the work
  • What would you do if your clinic ran in a way that you could choose whether or not your want to see any patient’s next month and not affect your bottom line
  • Wouldn't it be great to have clinic that is a true business that provided you with the financial security you hoped for when you open the doors for the first time. 


👉Yes it absolutely is possible to build a Clinic like this. Clinic owners just like you have done exactly that with my help.

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Do you want to reach your business and life goals faster?

Whether you are a new clinic owner and want to put in place the best foundations for success,  a working on your own or a long established clinician with more than one clinic, I can help you reach your business and life goals faster and avoid the mistakes that can lead to having a business that fails to deliver the lifestyle you want.

Let me help you create a health business that works without you – just like I have done – while at the same time increasing your income, building better systems, marketing and delivering wow customer service levels. Together we can define your goals and achieve them faster spending more time with your family and friends.

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When i first started working with practice was running me. His no nonsense approach...makes it easy to understand the steps you should take to take to improve your practice & increase profits. 

- Peter Gauntlett,
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Working with Lorcan has been a great experience for us & or clinic. I would highly recommend working with Lorcan.


- Stephen & Mark Ryan,
  Podiatrists, Dublin
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"Lorcan's marketing ideas are fresh & clever &......  immediately brought us plenty of new leads on a weekly basis and we haven't even started the google ads yet!"


Wioleta Walczak, 

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