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What Is Included In This Great Book Offer:

1.FREE Paperback Copy of Podiatry Business Success Secrets Amazon Best Seller (worth £14.99)

2.FREE Bonus Kindle Version(worth £8.47)

3.FREE Profit Boosting Swipe Files

-including sample New Patient Action Plans, ,Killer BroadcastEmails, Plantar Fasciitis Lead Magnet and many more...

Here is just some of what Lorcan covers in his new book...

“Podiatry Business Success Secrets”

Inside, you'll learn how Lorcan O'Donaile built a Podiatry practice that allows him to see patients for only 5 hours per week, take 4 vacations per year, and spend more time with his family and doing the things he enjoys, all while increasing his profits by over 400%.

The secrets on how to avoid the mistakes that means that most Podiatry Clinic Owners are chained to their stagnating businesses.

The tips to make the most of the patient's you already have, thus boosting your turnover before having to spend another cent on marketing.

A step by step system for hiring and retaining the best of staff.The process to follow to avoid wasting any more money on ineffective marketing.

The systems to get the new patient's you want beating a path to your clinic all on autopilot.

How to devise the perfect pricing system to ethically boost your profits.The keys the giving your patient's the WOW customer experience.

About The Author

Lorcan O’Donaile is an Irish Podiatrist and Health Business Mentor.

He qualified from London Foot Hospital & University College London in 1998 and moved into private practice opening his own clinic, Achilles Foot Clinic, Cork, Ireland in 2005.

In 2012 he expanded to open Keep Active Physio.

He guest lectures on Podiatry in Ireland and the business of Podiatry.

Having made every possible mistake you can in running your own clinic he has gone on to study and apply business principles to his clinic.

His clinic now runs as an automated business generating the profits that give him the freedom to decide if he will consult with patients or take time off to spend with his wife and small children.

This freedom has allowed him to develop his other passion…helping other clinic owners to Earn More, Work Less & Enjoy Their Life.

Mark & Stephen Ryan, Podiatry Clinic Owners At Foot Focus, Dublin, Ireland.

Working with Lorcan has been a great experience for us and our clinic. Before we started working with him we were very focused on being busy.

We had reached the point where we were very busy treating patients during normal office hours.

However we had no time to manage other areas of the business. Lorcan has helped us greatly in differentiating between having a job and having a business.

Through working with Lorcan we have realised the importance of taking a step back from treating patients constantly to looking at the business as a whole and taking in the broader picture.

Initially it was quite overwhelming but through implementing Lorcan’s suggested systems and standardising procedures across our clinics it has helped us to be more organised and increased our productivity.

I would highly recommend working with Lorcan if you want to make the most out of the hours you put in rather than constantly feeling under pressure and overwhelmed.

Peter Gauntlett, Podiatry Clinic Owner At Lewisham Foot Health, London.

When I first started working with Lorcan I was feeling that my practice was running me. I was unable to take charge and make the decisions needed to move my practice forward to the next level.

As a podiatrist, my main interest was in treating and getting people better. I had failed to see the opportunities that a podiatry business can offer me.

As we started working together, Lorcan gave me the confidence to value my work and help set in motion the systems needed to build a practice that reflected the hard work I had already invested.

He supports and encourages and understands how to get you to a mindset where you can start building the systems and professional approach to cope with the changes that need to be implemented to move forward. He is a good listener and knows how to get to the core of the matter in a sensitive and professional way.

He has a lot of insight into how people think and behave and because he has built his own business he knows what you are going through.

His no nonsense approach made me trust him immediately and his direct style of coaching makes it easy to understand the steps you should take to improve your practice and increase your profits.

Lorcan being a successful multi-practice owner with over 20 years of experience of being in business has the know-how and expertise to move you forward to create the practice you had dreamed about.

If you are looking for a business mentor – coach then I can’t recommend Lorcan highly enough.

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