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The Podiatry Business Podcast, Episode 1. You Need To Start With A Business Mindset

The Podiatry Business Podcast, Episode 1. You Need To Start With A Business Mindset

December 07, 20222 min read

When I first opened the doors of my clinic I was full of enthusiasm and hope for the future. 

I knew I was good clinically and would be busy. I was and I had more than enough work to handle on my own very quickly.

I even had a waiting list. 

However after a a few years I came to realise that what I had built was a job rather than a business. 

The clinic was totally dependent on me and my ability to generate turnover.

I was unable to take any holiday over 10 days as I had to be there to bring in enough money to pay the bills. 

I had a receptionists wage to source every single week. 

My solution was to try to scale up the business. Surely more turnover would fix everything?

In fact I made things 10 times worse as I had no idea what it meant to run a business and tried to do it all alone.


At this point if you have read my book "Podiatry Business Success Secrets" you will know that I managed to overcome this and set myself and my family up for financial security. 


One the main things I did was I worked on and continue to do so was work on my Mindset. 

Specifically I worked on developing a Business Mindset. 


I realised for me to reach my goals and to be able to have a clinic that was financially secure, provide a stable work environment for my staff and suppliers and deliver a great level of customer service I needed to run my clinic as a business. 


In Episode 1 of " The Podiatry Business Podcast" I talk about why developing a business mindset is important and how to do so.   

I hope you enjoy it.


Click Here to Listen to the Podcast. 


Talk soon

Lorcan O Donaile

Podiatrist & Health Business Mentor

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