New Patients On Tap System

Discover the ultimate solution for your marketing needs with our comprehensive "done for you service", specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of Physiotherapy and Podiatry Clinics.

This all-inclusive package has been meticulously crafted to provide you with a seamless marketing experience, allowing you to focus on patient care while we deliver you patients in your clinic.

All-Inclusive Marketing Service



Achieve financial freedom as a Clinic Owner with our Blueprint coaching program

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Reach 2.7 billion users, target precisely, and increase sales affordably

Google PPC


Leverage the world's top search engine to reach millions and generate quality leads and patients

Team Training

We onboard, train and continually support your entire team making sure you can delegate to them .

Web Development

User-friendly websites- strategically showcasing your treatments to drive traffic and accelerate business growth.


Increase visibility, build trust, and establish your brand as an industry leader.

AI Bot Integration

Plug in to your marketing your own AI admin member who never sleeps and can even book in appointments and take payments in advance



We install into your clinic and automated email and SMS follow-up system turn potential patients into loyal clients

Does This Describe Your Life As A Clinic Owner ?

  • You are a Practice owner finding it hard to treat patient’s full time and keep up with the demands of running the business?

  • You have little or no systems in your practice and are firefighting all of the time?

  • You thought when you started your clinic that it would deliver the finances and lifestyle you wanted…..It hasn’t turned out that way?

  • You are working harder than anyone else in the clinic and are often the last to be paid?

  • Your holidays are brief and spent worrying about the lost income by not being at work?

  • You sometimes wonder if it was ever worth starting your own Clinic and wish you didn’t have to worry about money all the time?

Podiatry Business

Success Secrets

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Profitable Podiatry Practice That Works Without You

FREE Kindle Version of Podiatry Business Success Secrets !

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Podiatry Practice That Works Without You

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'How I Grew My Podiatry Clinic By 170% in 12 months.'

An interview with client, Kay Johnson- Podiatrist

In this episode of the More Practice Profits Podcast Kay talks about her journey over the past year and how she has grown her podiatry clinic from just her to a team that looks after her growing patient database and is allowing her to live a better life.


It Is Possible To Build A Clinic That Works Without You!

  • Wouldn't it be great to be able to get up in the morning without having to worry will you make enough today to pay the bills

  • How would you feel if you could go on an extended holiday knowing that your clinic is running like a well oiled machine without you

  • Would you like to have a clinic that provided best practice medical care to even more patients without you having to do all the work

  • What would you do if your clinic ran in a way that you could choose whether or not your want to see any patient’s next month and not affect your bottom line

  • Wouldn't it be great to have clinic that is a true business that provided you with the financial security you hoped for when you open the doors for the first time.

Still Wondering If Your Clinic Can Do The Same...

👉 Yes it absolutely is possible to build a Clinic like this. Clinic owners just like you have done exactly that with my help.

👉 Click The Button below to start your journey to building a clinic and lifestyle that you want

Stephen & Mark Ryan
Working with Lorcan has been a great experience for us & or clinic.
I would highly recommend
working with Lorcan.
Peter Gauntlett

When i first started working with practice was running me. His no nonsense approach...makes it easy to understand the steps you should take to take to improve your practice & increase profits.

Wioleta Walczak

"Lorcan's marketing ideas are fresh & clever &...... immediately brought us plenty of new leads on a weekly basis and we haven't even started the google ads yet!"

We Get You Patients.. Not Just Leads

Patient Delivering Strategies

Our marketing strategy is designed to convert those patients who

were not ready to book now and avoids wasting any of your marketing budget

Audience Analytics

A system lets you see the name, email and phone number of the potential patients, did they book in and how much are they spending..... all in real time


We will deliver a full SEO service, optimising your marketing and publishing regular online content to make sure your rank on organic listings above your competitors

Website Development

We remodel your website to attract and convert those patients who are simply not ready to "call now" or "book online" turning your website into a patient generating machine

Full Paid Ads Management

By harnessing the power of paid ads - Google Ads, M Ads that resonate with your target audience, we will craft ads that will give you new patients on tap, allowing predictable scalability

AI Booking System

Our AI BOT option* means you can plug in to your marketing your own admin member who never sleeps and can even book in appointments and take payments in advance 24/7 365 days a year

Team Training

We onboard, train and continually support your entire team making sure you can delegate to them knowing that you the owner can sit back and let us make sure your team are maximising your marketing for you.



Following up with leads is crucial. We install into your clinic and automated email and SMS follow-up system turn potential patients into loyal clients, working even while you sleep.

Successful Case Studies

"A Game-Changer for My Practice!"

Sean Brogan (Physiotherapy Clinic Owner)

"From Struggling to Thriving With New Patients On Tap"

Robert Meagher (Podiatry Clinic Owner)

"This Marketing Service Transformed My Foot Clinic's Reach!"

Kiel Varley (Podiatry Clinic Owner)

"A Lifesaver for Our Podiatry Clinic – Paid Ads Delivered!"

Wioletta Klimek (Podiatry Clinic Owner)

The Most Comprehensive Done-For-You Marketing Service For Clinic Owners

Unlimited Ads – No Ads Limitations, Just Endless Possibilities!

Don't be held back by ad limitations – we'll provide you with a continuous stream of potential patients. Say goodbye to empty appointment slots!

Go From Lead to New Patient – We Don't Just Send Leads; We Help You To Convert Them!

Getting leads is just the beginning. Our online training programme will empower you with the skills to turn those leads into loyal patients who keep coming back.

Join Our Exclusive Facebook Community: Get the Support You Need for Clinic Success!

Connect with like-minded clinic owners and their staff in our private Facebook group. Share insights, strategies, and success stories to grow your clinic together.

Weekly Support Group Calls: Your Direct Line to Expert Guidance!

Stay ahead of the curve with our weekly support group calls. You'll have direct access to expert guidance and insights, ensuring that your clinic is always on the cutting edge of marketing strategies..... or send your staff to us for help while you go to the beach.

Meet Our CEO

Lorcan O’Donaile

Lorcan O’Donaile is a Health Business Mentor & Clinic Owner.

He qualified as a podiatrist from London Foot Hospital & University College London in 1998 and moved into private practice opening his own clinic, Achilles Foot Clinic in 2005. In 2012 he expanded to open Keep Active Physio.
Having made every possible mistake you can in running your own clinic he has gone on to study and apply business principles to his clinic.

His podiatry clinic now runs as an automated business generating the profits that give him the freedom to decide if he will consult with patients or take time off to spend with his wife and small children.

This freedom has allowed him to develop his other passion…helping other podiatry clinic owners just like you to Earn More, Work Less & Enjoy Life.

Testimonials From Our Clients

In just 8 short months Rob has transformed his solo practice that once frustrated him into now a thriving practice. Rob speaks about how he went from over spending on marketing and getting very few leads to now generating a consistent flow of leads that he can turn up or down using his New Patients On Tap marketing system

Robert Meagher

Peak Podiatry

In the last 2.5 years Wioleta has transformed her solo practice into now a thriving 4 treatment room practice with a reception, sterilising room and cafeteria. Wioleta speaks about how she went from handing out leaflets to now generating a consistent flow of leads that she can turn up or down using her new patients on tap marketing system that has tripled her profits.

Wioleta Kilmek

South Dublin Podiatry

In the last 5months Steve & Darren have doubled their profits, installed systems into their clinics for staff, staff training , recruitment and marketing. They have also grown their team.Steve & Darren talk about how they are now so much more focused on the business and how to implement changes needed to help them to scale and move forward, even while at their holiday home in Crete.

Steve & Darren

We Fix Feet

What Your Journey to Becoming a Member

New Patients On Tap Marketing Service Looks Like...

#1 The Info Session

To kick things off.. Dive into our on-demand Info-Session at the top of this page, where you'll get the full scoop on what it truly means to be a member of New Patients On Tap Marketing Service and the More Practice Profits community and what it is we do for podiatry & physiotherapy clinic owners to get them new patients on tap.

#2 Your Triage Call

Next up, let's schedule your Triage Call by clicking on the Start My Journey button below 👇👇👇. This 10min chat happens over the phone with Emma from our team. She'll ensure you're comfortable with everything and will ask a few questions to make sure you're all set to take the next step in growing your practice…fast! If it's the right thing she will then book a free 45min strategy session with Lorcan to go over where your marketing needs help.

#3 Payment - Becoming a Member

Assuming we're all on the same page and ready to roll, we'll lay out one more time everything that you’ll get when you become a member of the New Patients On Tap Marketing Service. Plus, we'll walk you through the simple steps to seal the deal and get the ball rolling with our easy-to-use signup process.

#4 Your Official On-Boarding

Once it's official, and you've committed to being part of New Patients On Tap Marketing Service, our support squad will reach out. They're here to welcome you into the inner circle and guide you through the training and resources you need. We'll ensure everything's shipshape to get your marketing system up and running. You and your team will have a series of calls to make sure you are up to speed.

#5 Get New Patients & Supercharge Your Practice Profits

This is where the real magic happens. As a fresh member, you'll unlock a treasure trove of support, calls, resources, and tools. They're all at your fingertips to help you turn leads into new patients and embark on the journey of building a booming, prosperous practice of your own. We will hold your hand the entire time to make certain you simply can't fail.

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