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The courses we provide to allow you, the health clinic owner, earn more, work less and build the kind of business that give them financial & time freedom

The New Patients On Tap Formula

Are you an overwhelmed clinic owner who knows they need a marketing system but doesn't know just where to start?

The New Patients On Tap Formula is the most comprehensive online health clinic marketing programme that teaches frustrated clinic owners how to attract & retain their ideal profitable patient even while they are on holidays.

Google Ads For Clinic Owners -

From Clicks To Cash

This online course teaches private practice owners the A-Z of how to start using Google Ads in your clinic.

Find out the steps you need to to drive more of your ideal & profitable patients to your website with a Google Ads course led by Lorcan O Donaile and the team at More Practice Profits

The Clinic Owners Business School

This Is A Step-By-Step Dripped Course That Is Designed For Clinic Owners Who Are Looking To Scale Their Business But Not Sure Where To Start.

The Clinic Owners Business School ....the online course that helps clinic owners add 2k monthly turnover & get off of the Hamster Wheel

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Get Your Paperback Copy of 'Podiatry Business Success Secrets''

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Podiatry Practice That Works Without You

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