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Lorcan O'Donaile - Health Business Mentor & Clinic Owner

Helping Health Clinic Owners Double Their Profits In 12 Months Or Less

YES! It is possible to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life as a Health business owner

Who is Lorcan O’Donaile?

Lorcan O’Donaile is a Health Business Mentor & Clinic Owner.

He qualified as a podiatrist from London Foot Hospital & University College London in 1998 and moved into private practice opening his own clinic, Achilles Foot Clinic in 2005. In 2012 he expanded to open Keep Active Physio.
Having made every possible mistake you can in running your own clinic he has gone on to study and apply business principles to his clinic.

His podiatry clinic now runs as an automated business generating the profits that give him the freedom to decide if he will consult with patients or take time off to spend with his wife and small children.

This freedom has allowed him to develop his other passion…helping other clinic owners just like you to Earn More, Work Less & Enjoy Life.

Ready to Build A Better Clinic?

Today is the day! Let's double your profits in 12 months or less!

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What Do I Do For Health Business Owners?

I can help you reach your business and life goals faster and avoid the mistakes that can lead to having a business that fails to deliver the lifestyle you want.

Let me help you create a Health business that works without you – just like I have done – while at the same time increasing your income, building better systems, marketing and delivering wow customer service levels.

Together we can define your goals and achieve them faster spending more time with your family and friends.

I help health clinic owners just like you to double their profits in 12 months or less.....

Why Did I Start More Practice Profits?

I started More Practice Profits to help clinic owners like you.

I have lived the life of a stressed out overworked, underpaid clinic owner. I know what it’s like to feel like you are working all the time but making no money, no progress and wonder why you ever started your own clinic.

I passionately believe that it is possible to deliver exceptional customer service, best practice patient care and still deliver a fantastic lifestyle for the clinic owner.

By helping clinic owners to implement internal management, marketing & conversion systems I wanted to help Health Clinic owners build a real business that allows them the life they dreamed of when they opened their doors for the first time

Ready to Build A Better Clinic?

Today is the day! Let's double your profits in 12 months or less!

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