Are You An

Overwhelmed Clinic Owner Who Knows They Need A Marketing System But Just Does Not Know Where To Start?

Imagine having a marketing system tailored to your podiatry clinic, that you can adjust according to your clinics needs

That's Why You Need.....

The Most Comprehensive Marketing System For Podiatrists That Shows You How To Get Your Team To Attract & Keep New Patient's, Allowing You To Grow Your Business & Give You The Financial Freedom To Earn More... While Working Less & Living A Better Life

Introducing Podiatry Marketing Mastery, Done For You Marketing System

The most comprehensive online marketing programme that teaches frustrated clinic owners how to attract & retain their ideal profitable patient even while they are on holidays

Does This Describe YOU...

  • A clinic owner that is sick of trading hours for money and wants to build a true business that can run whether you turn up or not. A business that doesn't need your constant attention & firefighting & allows you to earn more while working less all while living a better life.

  • Has your business growth has plateaued and knows that having a step by step marketing system that fills your inbox with the perfect patient will help you and your team scale up.

  • Do you want a fully integrated marketing system that allows you time to choose whatever you want to do with your increased profits

  • Do you yearn to step out of the rat race & build the kind of clinic & life you dreamed of when you first started if you could just get the guidance on how to market your clinic to greater profits and financial freedom.

  • Are you seeking the ultimate marketing solution for your clinic & want to find out all the secrets to developing an automated marketing system to compliment the great clinic you run day to day and pack all of your clinicians diaries with the kind of patients you just love to work with.

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"Podiatry Marketing Mastery"

Can Grow Your Podiatry Clinic 🚀

By Integrating Podiatry Marketing Mastery You Will Discover....

The Game-Changer:

Unlock the secret sauce to using Marketing to transform ice-cold leads into appointment-ready prospects.

Fill Your Clinics Diary With Your Ideal Patients

Instead of wasting your marketing budget trying to attract everyone, we will use laser targeting to zero in on your ideal patient. This is THE most important step to earning more while working less.

Proven & Tested:

We will give you the method I used in my podiatry clinic to increase my profits by over 700%+ & allowed me to stop treating patients completely

Have A Killer Website That Makes You Money 24/7

A website that becomes your hardest working employee giving you a steady stream of new patients and profits

Automated Follow Up:

Not only will you have a steady stream of new leads, we will automate you follow up with email and sms

Complete Training On How To Get Even Those Skeptical Patients To Say Yes

Develop the skills to get your staff to convert even those skeptical patients that your current marketing system is leaving behind.

"Lorcan's marketing ideas are fresh & clever and they immediately brought us plenty of new leads on a weekly basis, and we haven't even started the Google ads yet!"

Wioleta Walczak

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"I was new to marketing and found the course easy to use and implement. It's boosted my sales in no time"

Arti Tank

Podiatrist - London

"With this... template you could kind of basically turn it up and down based on the dial of how much you spent on these different types of marketing. This is a lot easier than what I was thinking."

Dr Donald Pelto, DPM
Worcester, Massachusetts. USA

"When i first started working with Lorcan... my practice was running me. His no nonsense approach...makes it easy to understand the steps you should take to take to improve your practice & increase profits."

Peter Gauntlett

Podiatrist - London

"By following Lorcan's simple setup by step guide to developing this powerful lead generation funnel, we increased our new patient numbers rapidly over a 4 week period so much so that capacity became an issue!"

Stephen & Mark Ryan
Podiatrists - Dublin

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What’s Inside Podiatry Marketing Mastery?

A Marketing System That Works.... And better yet its DONE FOR YOU

The secret sauce of marketing by using a flawless system that actually works, generates your ideal patient while also generating revenue.

We will go on a journey together, where I will show you the wonders of :


The marketing system I have used to drive my own & my clients clinics to new heights

The psychology behind why people are not ready to say yes

All the tricks and tips you need to fill your teams diary

Website Essentials

Imagine not having to worry about filling your appointment book, going home to your family not stressed about money or lack of patients.

You will have a website that works beautifully, tells your ideal patient exactly what you want them to do and all hassle free.


You Will:

Have a website to fill your clinics diary 24/7

Get more bookings without any effort

Have a website that can make you money even while your asleep or on holidays

How To Convert Your Leads

I will teach you everything you need to know about leads and how to convert them, why people are not ready to say yes and how to change that answer

This is where you will discover the magic of converting.... Leads that will convert into paying patients.

We will talk about:


Ways of getting in touch with a lead and getting them to book into your clinic

How to get your staff to convert even the most sceptical lead into a patient that will pay & stay(i know awesome right?)

How to follow up with a phone call

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Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining
"The New Patients On Tap Formula"

Who Is Lorcan O'Donaile?

A Podiatrist & Podiatry Business Mentor based in Cork, Ireland, Lorcan is living proof that Podiatry Marketing Mastery works.

Having built up his clinic he found himself in the position that he was working crazy hours just to keep the wheels spinning. He was working 60+ hours a week and was never around for his wife and 4 kids.

Despite this he was one of the worst paid in the clinic, some weeks could not afford to pay himself at all & could never afford to take more than a week off as he needed the money coming in to keep the doors open.

Things changed for Lorcan when he began to learn everything he could about business

& in particular clever marketing.

This marketing education he gained dramatically changed his businesses – & helped him turn his clinics (boosting profits by 700%++) into a true business that provides reliable profits that doesn't require him being there.

He is currently on a rolling sabbatical from clinical work & has a practice manager run his clinics for him.

This dramatic change has given him the financial freedom & time to help other clinic owners in his private coaching programme to Earn More, Work Less and Live a Better Life.

Lorcans Podiatry Marketing Mastery works by filling your teams diary with your ideal & profitable patients giving you the owner the financial success to make better choices on the type of business & life you want to have.

Lorcan's Guarantee

Better-Than-Risk-Free 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee!!

I know you will discover the gold at the end of Podiatry Marketing Mastery rainbow, but........

If at any time within the first 365 days you aren't completely & totally head over heels, absolutely thrilled with Podiatry Marketing Mastery just let me know & I will refund you the purchase price in full.

This is a straightforward guarantee, as you can get ANYWHERE No teeny tiny print. No note needed from your mother....... NOTHING

I am only interested in having customers who are raving fans of Podiatry Marketing Mastery, So if you are not 100% certain that Podiatry Marketing Mastery was a fantastic investment just let me know.If you're not happy then I'm not happy.

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Podiatry Marketing Mastery

I started More Practice Profits to help clinic owners like you. I have lived the life of a stressed out, overworked, underpaid clinic owner. I know what it’s like to feel like you are working all the time but making no money, no progress and wonder why you ever started your own clinic.

I passionately believe that it is possible to deliver exceptional customer service, best practice patient care and still deliver a fantastic lifestyle for the podiatry clinic owner.

By helping podiatry clinic owners to implement internal management, marketing & conversion systems I wanted to help Podiatry Business owners build a real business that allows them the life they dreamed of when they opened their doors for the first time.

This Marketing Service is for highly motivated people who want to see business growth and reclaim your life. You want the financial freedom and lifestyle that comes from having a successful business which has been fully systematised so it can run without YOU.

I look forward to starting this exciting chapter with you.

Talk Soon,

Lorcan O'Donaile

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