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Podiatry Business Mentorship

YES! It is possible to
Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life
as a health business owner – because I have done it... Lorcan O Donaile



YES! It is possible to
Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life
as a health business owner – because I have done it... Lorcan O Donaile

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Here are some of the things we can do together:

✅Identify and fix the leaks in your business that are costing you thousands in lost profits each and every month

✅ Maximise the opportunity each and every patient presents in a best practice ethical way ensuring a WOW customer experience is delivered every visit

✅Build in systems and procedures into your business that will free you from the day to day grind of health business ownership allowing you enjoy more time with your family and friends knowing the clinic is being run the way your want even when you’re not there

✅Help you grow your business to where you only see the patients you want to see – and work the hours you want to work while making more profit

✅ Develop and build multiple income opportunities that you are currently missing out on that can dramatically increase your profits

✅Start work on your exit strategy and get your business ready to sell for the right price – so you can do it again or retire to the Greek Islands

✅Create a WOW customer experience for your business that dominates your marketplace and gets people referring you as the ONLY option even if your prices are significantly higher than your competition

✅ Develop a killer Automated Marketing system that means your clinic gets a constant flow of new patients even while its closed

✅ Dramatically improve your lead generation and conversion rates by helping you understand what it takes to get people to say yes to your care without having to spend any extra on advertising

✅Develop and reach clearly focused goals including proven steps for reaching them faster

✅ Leverage everything your business does for maximum profits in minimum time

✅Learn effective time management principles and strategies to reduce hours spent on tasks that be delegated allowing you more free time to spend as you please

✅Identify neglected profit opportunities hidden inside your current business…and help you to capitalize on those opportunities to multiply your profits immediately

✅ Set-up multiple referral systems in your business where your current patients and referrers become raving fans of your clinic and your best marketing tool…producing a multitude of new business with very little effort on your part

Lorcan Presenting Health Business Strategies At A Recent Conference

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Work With a Coach Who Has Transformed His Own Health Clinic Into A Business That Delivers Him Profit . . .

Whether He Goes In Or Not

When I left my secure job to set up my own clinic I expected it would give me the lifestyle I wanted. I would just have to be good at what I did clinically and all would be fine. That’s what they taught me in University after all.

I set up my clinic just like the private practice I had worked for when I came out of college. All I had to do was work long hours and I would make good money and be the success I had dreamed of when I opened up.

I was full very quickly and had never had so money coming into my hands. However at the end of every month there didn’t seem to be any left over no matter how many clinical hours I did.

I hear somewhere that the answer was to get bigger so I took on staff and paid them a percentage of what they would turnover. This would mean they would never “cost me”. Boy was I totally wrong. Everything went wrong. My staff were unhappy as I didn’t know how to be a boss, I totally messed up my figures and was ended up with a huge Tax bill that I had no money for. What was worse was I had no idea how I had such a tax bill when I never had any money left at the end of the year.

I was not spending it on myself, may car was an old banger and I hadn’t had a foreign holiday in years.

I ended up really stressed out, going to sleep on a Sunday night wondering how I would pay the wages that week. I ended up trapped in a situation where I couldn’t afford to stop but wasn’t really making any money to make it worth all the hassle. I was working 60 hours a week and was never around for my wife and 4 kids.

I was one of the worst paid in the clinic, some weeks I did not pay myself at all and could never afford to take more than a week off as I needed the money coming in to keep the doors open. To be totally honest I wondered what I had gotten myself into and was very low. I was desperate for a solution and totally burnt out.

I remember sitting on the coach one dark February night thinking that if I paid my staff this week I would have no money to pay myself and felt I had let my wife & kids down. I decided there and then I would have to do something drastic.

I began to learn everything I could about business systems and marketing, attended seminars, constantly listened to podcasts and audiobooks about how to run a successful business – and started using business coaches, even though I strapped for cash. I couldn’t afford not to do it.

All this business education dramatically changed the way I ran my businesses – and helped me turn my clinics into a true business that provides reliable profits that don’t require my being there. I can log in to my business from afar and tell how its running in real time and that all of the systems I have set up over the years are running the whole operation like clockwork.

This dramatic change has given me the financial freedom and time to help other clinic owners who are in similar positions to the one I was how they could do the same…Earn More, Work Less and Live Life.

How Does My Coaching Program Work?

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I continue to educate myself on how the best business’s in the world grow and prosper. All of the worlds smartest business owners know that coaching and mentoring dramatically increases the speed of your progress and the success of your business – regardless of how disciplined and self motivated you are.

My coaching programme can save you hours and hours of wasted time each month and keep you focused on the most important activities.

A true business is a  profitable enterprise that works without you”  – so if  the business can’t work without you and make money for you when you are not there –  then it is a JOB – not a business.

I can show you how to develop a business that works without YOU….I have done it.

When you join my coaching program, you deal with me personally and get my personal systems.

I have tested all of my systems in my own clinic’s and I will give you access to these proven systems of success for your business.

One on One Coaching Call

My coaching program involves two one on one phone calls each month – where we can touch base personally and work on your specific issues, problems and opportunities.

I’ve had times where just 15 minutes on the phone with a client changed their whole perspective and business direction. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you cut right to the heart of the situation…

    Unlimited Email Support

You also receive unlimited email support as part of the coaching program.

You will get my private coaching email address and can send me email questions…which I’ll answer within 24 hours Monday through Friday. I never work weekends.  

Want help generating a marketing plan? No problem. Need someone to help with your business plan? I’m here for you.

Your emails will never be handed off the employee or outsourced worker. I deal with them personally…and it’s the only way you can have one-on-one contact with me directly.

All coaching calls are made via Zoom/Skype. I advise you consider recording these calls to go back over and to keep for training your staff.

(Note – the recordings are not able to be shared or sold in any other form or as part of any other program)

Calls are scheduled at mutually suitable times – however – be aware my coaching times are very very limited so if you are not able to fit into my schedule then you may have to wait until another more suitable spot or day presents itself.

Be aware of any possible time differences when arranging your sessions.

No Long-Term Contracts or Commitments Required

Obviously this program isn’t for everyone. 

While you should give yourself a 3-9 month timeframe to see the huge changes that are possible, I do not make clients commit to any time frame. I want my clients to feel that they can always move on if they feel they are not getting great value.

Remember – in this coaching program, you’re the one in control of the commitment….not me!

If I don’t provide you with the advice you need to dramatically increase profits, then you can cancel at anytime.

A  good health business coach will also  save you thousands in lost productivity – by advising you on good opportunities, stopping you from making  poor options and fast tracking your learning and progress – you will benefit immediately from my past mistakes – and not make the same costly mistakes yourself.

But as I said, this program isn’t for everyone. This program is for highly motivated people who want to see business growth and reclaim your life. You want the financial freedom and lifestyle that comes from having a successful business which has been fully systematized so it can run without YOU.

Please Note: This program is NOT for people who are dishonest or unethical in their business dealings. One of my goals in business is to operate with integrity in everything. I’m not perfect, just as I’m sure you’re not. But I only seek to do business with those who have this same type of commitment to really giving value to their customers/clients in everything they do.

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know it can be risky it can feel to take on a new business coach and spend possibly limited funds whilst not being totally sure if it will all work for you.

To reduce this risk and to encourage you to take action in your health business, I offer all new coaching clients a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If, at any time in the first 30 days of your coaching program you feel that you are not getting incredible value, increasing your profits by much more than my monthly coaching fee, and moving quickly towards the goals we have set – then let me know and I will refund all coaching money paid up to this point.

However if you join this coaching program and don’t put in the effort, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for. You’ll only grow your business, Earn More, Work Less and Live Life, if you apply what you learn implement it.

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✅You are expecting someone else to do all the work for you – only you can make the necessary changes in your business to achieve the success you want.

✅You think that my fees are too expensive – I can tell you now that the program I am offering you represents incredible value for money- and the price is only going to go up as I free up more of my time to take on more clients.

✅You are difficult to deal with and “high maintenance” – I will only work with people that I “click with” and who are motivated, willing to work hard and are able to implement & want to succeed in their business and provide a great service to their clients.

✅You are not willing to do some preparation for each call and some homework after each call – all clients are required to send me a summary of what they specifically want to cover on each call 24 hours prior to our session – this ensures that all sessions are productive and you get the maximum value from your program.

✅ You plan on sending me dozens of emails a week to tell you how to do the most simple tasks – most clients send 2-3 email a week but they are important communications that require some genuine input – not a quick afterthought to make sure you are “getting your money’s worth”.

Note – I reserve the right to stop any coaching clients program where I do not feel we are a good fit. If this happens, or you decide to cancel – we simply go our separate ways and leave the program as friends – who shared part of a journey together.

I’m looking for people who have a similar culture to mine….happy to learn new things, able to implement what they learn and have passion to deliver exceptional service for their clients without sacrificing their quality of life.

If that doesn’t apply to you, then please don’t  waste my time or yours. If you are willing to put into practice the principles you’ll learn, and want to build a real business not just a job, then we will be a good fit.

To Apply For a Coaching Position You Need to Pre-Register For A Discovery Call

As I only work with a Very limited number of clients at any time and I am very selective about who I work with – you will need to pre-register your interest in becoming one or my coaching client.

When new spots in my program become available, I will contact the people on my waiting list by phone and/or email to arrange a 20 minute telephone interview and “Discovery Call” (that’s why you need to leave your contact details in the form below).


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In this “Discovery Call” I will ask you a few questions about your business, answer any questions you may have about the program and essentially find out if I can help you achieve the results you desire and also make sure that we are are good culture match.

I only want to work with motivated and enthusiastic business owners who are serious about taking step to grow and develop a great health business.

I have two clinics, do a limited amount of consultations with patients so I no wish to work with clients that I don’t enjoy. I have therefore chosen to have a limited number of coaching sessions and only agree to work with clients who similarly want  to do great things in their businesses and lives.

To register your interest in my coaching program please fill in your details below and you will be contacted by phone and/or email to arrange the Discovery call when more coaching spots become available.


  • You want to Earn More, Work Less & Live Life

  • You are serious about growing your health business

  • You have read the information above and understand how my coaching program works

  • You would accept a coaching spot if it was offered to you

Note: I don’t want to waste our time on a “screening session” if you are not serious about joining the program and willing to take immediate action – assuming I can help your business and you like what I have to say in our interview.

Talk Soon.

Lorcan O Donaile.

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