How Do I Know I Need A Health Business Coach?

management Sep 30, 2019

At this point, you are probably not sure what a Health business coach will do for you. That’s fair enough. When I first heard of the idea of a business coach for my clinic I was very unsure if that was right for me. I didn’t want to be commercialised or sold to or worse made to become a sleazy sales person doing unethical things in my clinic just to make money.

Let’s face it when we go through University getting our degree pretty much all of the emphasis is on getting us to a basic level of clinical competence. During my time in Uni I got 1 hour of business training on how to run a private practice. It was given by one of the only Podiatrist who worked in the clinics and also owned a private practice. I assume he was chosen as he wore the sharpest suit and seemed to believe he knew what to do.

When I started my own clinic 7 years later I was really clueless on what it took to run a successful podiatry clinic. I had spent a month doing a 15 page business plan that...

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