The Podiatry Business Podcast, Episode 11. How To Get New Patients On Tap 24/7

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2020

In Episode 11 of The Podiatry Business Podcast Lorcan  discusses in detail his external marketing funnels and how it fills his diary with his ideal patients 24/7 even while he is away in holidays. 


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Episode 10 - Coronavirus - You Can Choose To Sink Or Swim.

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2020

Why do some Podiatry clinics prevail while others seem to always struggle?

Why in this time of crisis are some panic or despair while others are getting ready for the return to business, whatever form that takes?

At this time of crisis you have 2 choices, let the whole thing overwhelm you and your business or accept that things have changed and get yourself and your business ready for the change.

In Episode 10 of The Podiatry Business Podcast, Lorcan O Donaile discusses how he navigated crisis before and how you can use this time as an opportunity to build a better version of your business and better version of you, the business owner

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The Podiatry Business Podcast. Ep 8. Coronavirus. Don't Waste Your Time Studying Clinical Skills

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2020

Podiatry Clinic owners.... If you are planning to use the enforced time away from work studying more clinical skills, then don't do it.

Clinical skills will not save your business.

Business Skills will get your business back in action, better than before the coronavirus crisis.

Use this time to get better at running a true business so that you can weather any storm that comes your way.

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The Podiatry Business Podcast, Episode 7. How To Help Your Podiatry Business Podcast Survive The Coronavirus

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020

They say a week in politics is a long time. 


Well I have never seen such a change in business in such a short space of time.


In my own clinic we went from our best EVER week to total shut down for an unspecified time inside 7 days.


Now, let's be honest. 


Nobody was expecting what happened this last week or so, or the pace that it all happened at. 


Almost every  clinic worldwide is either closed or has lost so much trade that its not worth staying open. 


If you're anxious or worried then you are not alone.


It’s ok to be worried about what's happening now. If you are not then you are in all likelihood not going to make it through this. 


But being worried or scared is not a plan. 


Do not sit on your hands and wait for events to unfold around you


Focus on what you can control


Develop a plan


Act fast. 


If like so many others you are still unsure of what...

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The Podiatry Business Podcast, Episode 6. Why I Never Pay My Staff A Percentage Of Turnover.

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2020

I know it seems to be a common thing in Podiatry clinics and a lot of similar type clinics that the owner feels the safest thing to do when it comes to taking on clinicians and paying them is to make them an "associate" and them a percentage of their turnover.

This is a BIG mistake. 

Listen to episode 6 of The Podiatry Business Podcast to find out why.

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The Podiatry Business Podcast - Episode 5. Six & Half Facebook Ad Hacks

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2020

Do you find yourself posting on your Facebook page in an attempt get more patients or your previous patients to return?

Are you chasing Facebook likes and shares but get the feel that its having no real effect on your bottom line.

The truth is it is largely a waste of time.

To truly boost your clinics profits you need to start using Facebook Ads

Listen to "The Podiatry Business Podcast - Episode 5. Six & Half Facebook Ad Hacks" and Lorcan O Donaile will show how to get real results from Facebook


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Podcast Episode 4. Should I Hire Another Podiatrist Or Receptionist First?

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2020

Episode 4 of The Podiatry Business Podcast is out this week and is all about the big choice to make when taking on your first staff member. 

A lot of clinic owners assume that the first thing they should do is take on another podiatrist when they are ready to scale. Often these clinic owners mistakenly feel that a receptionist is not contributing financially to the clinic, and that instead of podiatrist who can charge for the patient's they will see will be bringing in far more money than any receptionist could. 

I always suggest to any sole practitioners considering what to do that it's better to take on a front desk or receptionist before taking on your first podiatrist. Even if you can only do so part time. ........



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The Podiatry Business Podcast. Episode 3. The Top 3 Myths Holding Most Clinic Owners Back

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2020

I took the week off from clinic to spend with my kids who were off from school for mid term break. 


I try to make sure I am off at the same time as they are. They are only small for so long and I know through painful experience how you cannot get that time back. 


If you have read my book “Podiatry Business Success Secrets” you will know my story and how I was tied to my clinic so much. When my first was born I only took a few hours off of work to bring my wife home from hospital as I thought I couldn’t afford to take time away from work. 


By the time my last girl was born I realised that this was a mad thing to do and took a 2 weeks off and never went back full time. 


It was by applying business principles that I was able to build my clinic to the point where I can take as many days away from work as I need to for my family. I never miss a school play or sports day and take at least 3-4 weeks off during the summer to...

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The Podiatry Business Podcast. Episode 2 - 6 Principles To Get Your Patient To Say Yes

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Don't you hate it when a patient comes to see you with a complex issue that's been giving them trouble for a long time you know how to fix it but they just don't go ahead with treatment?


I used to absolutely go mad when this happened or when a patient was 75% through a treatment plan and out of pain but not sorted and they would cancel.


Well the truth is that patients do this because they simply don't trust you or cannot see the value in what you are proposing. The big mistake I used to make was I would take this personally. 


Now I realise that that was a waste of my time. 


I understand better now that people are not rational beings and make irrational choices sometimes, even when it comes to their health. 


What i try to do is teach my staff that it is our duty to help our patients overcome any barriers they may have to getting the best possible care. It is our duty to help them make the right decision. 


To do this we...

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The Podiatry Business Podcast, Episode 1. You Need To Start With A Business Mindset

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020

When I first opened the doors of my clinic I was full of enthusiasm and hope for the future. 

I knew I was good clinically and would be busy. I was and I had more than enough work to handle on my own very quickly.

I even had a waiting list. 

However after a a few years I came to realise that what I had built was a job rather than a business. 

The clinic was totally dependent on me and my ability to generate turnover.

I was unable to take any holiday over 10 days as I had to be there to bring in enough money to pay the bills. 

I had a receptionists wage to source every single week. 

My solution was to try to scale up the business. Surely more turnover would fix everything?

In fact I made things 10 times worse as I had no idea what it meant to run a business and tried to do it all alone.


At this point if you have read my book "Podiatry Business Success Secrets" you will know that I managed to overcome this and set myself and my family up for...

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