Why Do Patients Stop Their Plan Of Care Before Its Over?

Jan 06, 2020

It's part of treating patients daily that some just will not start a plan of care or complete their plan of care even though its the rational thing to do to get them to where they want to be. 

It used to drive be nuts when a patient would drop off half way through a treatment plan. I could never understand why this happened. They seemed like they wanted to get better but they for some reason just did not want to do the work or stick with the plan. Why would they pay money to go half way through and then stop. This always felt like such a waste to me.

I realise now that people are just not rational beings. We like to think we are but the scientific evidence says otherwise. 

The truth is that when a patient is making a decision on whether to start of continue a plan of care they are making a subconscious buying decision. I don't know about your but I never got any education on this in University. The assumption was that it was my job to advise the best course action and after that it was up to the patient. 

The problem with this was those same patients just did not follow through. You might say it's down to cost but I don't agree. Since I put my clinics prices up I have found that I am getting even greater buy in from patients. 

This increased buy in has nothing to do with the price of care but rather my choice to study how my patients make a decision on starting and completing a plan of care. 

You see all of us including you primarily make buying decisions based on emotion and rationalise it afterwards. Studies show that approx 50% of Americans will never have $1,000 saved at any one time but most of them made  a choice to own smart phones worth this much. Look at those people who sleep out over night to be able to buy the latest iPhone that they could get online in a day or so. 

These type of things happen because we humans use emotions when making buying choices and the this drives us to make purchases or non purchases that seem irrational to others.

What I realised and what you need to do is recognise that this is whats happening when your patients are making decisions on starting and completing your advised plan of care. When I started to study this concept and implement systems in my clinic that focused on how my patients make their choices I found my staff and I got a whole lot better at convincing our patients at sticking to their plan and reaching their goals 100% not just 75%. 

This in turn led to greater patient compliance, better outcomes and overall growth for my business. 

Training on getting greater patient buy in and compliance is just one of the aspect of the coaching service I provide. This requires no spend on marketing and helps struggling clinics boost their turnover from the patients they already have. 

If you are struggling with your clinic financially and think that now's the time to make fresh start then drop me an email [email protected] and lets have a conversation to see if we are good fit.