Are you using email marketing?

Oct 23, 2019

Are you using email marketing as part of your marketing plan?

Do you even have a marketing plan? 

If you are not using email marketing then you really need to start.

Email marketing is one of most simplistic & cost effective ways you have of boosting your clinics turnover. 

Essentially it entails collecting your patients emails and with their permission of course(don't forget GDPR) sending them useful information and offers to encourage them to either make an initial appointment or return again for further care. 

This is done as regularly as you wish and is done using email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Drip, Infusionsoft, Kajabi etc.

With some of these software systems they can be linked to your patient filing system and reduce the work load even further. For example Mailchimp and Cliniko are very simple to link and Mailchimp starts at totally FREE.

There is 2 main types of email marketing you should consider doing.

The easiest Broadcast Email Marketing and the more complex Automated Email Marketing/Follow Up System.

1. Broadcast Email Marketing

A broadcast email is essentially an regular email you send to all of your subscribers or patients. It is best to send these broadcast emails at a regular interval so that your patients know when to expect them. You can of course also send an occasional offer on top of these. 

Broadcast Emails should be warm and friendly with useful information that your patients will use and not simply an offer. I tend to start mine with a little bit about my week of whats been going on in the clinic. I then link that to this weeks blog and finish with a call to action such as "reply if you have any questions."

(just this week this simple question in a broadcast email on Mortons Neuroma brought in €1500 worth of work) 

If you go for the hard sell every time you will very quickly burn through any goodwill you have built up and your patients will not bother to open your email or worse mark it as spam. 

When writing these emails do your best to speak to your patients in regular language, not medical jargon. I have my staff write my blogs and I tell them that my 10 year son needs to be able to read them and understand them and not get bored. 

I like to give and offer once every 4 weeks or so. Early this yer I had a new clinician joining the team and no patients for them so I sent out a broadcast email with a great offer. The result was a full book that week they started 90% of whom rebooked for a full plan of care. This one email ended up bringing in over €3000 into my clinic that month 

2. Automated Email Marketing/Follow Up

The other type of email marketing system I suggest you consider using is  Automated Email Marketing/Follow Up.

Automated Email Marketing/Follow Up has made me hundreds of thousands of euro. 

It consists of a series of emails that get sent to your patients or potential patients at intervals you have determined before hand. They can be as short as 2 emails or as long as you wish. 

An example I use is whereby potential patients of mine will download a free report on the topic they need help with such as plantar fasciitis. They are emailed the report followed by a series of emails for the next 90 days that offer useful information on plantar fasciitis and assistance in various forms from my clinic. 

I set these up a number of years ago and now they run 24/7 for me with no further maintenance from me. 

18 months ago I had a lady download just such a report whom we followed up with. She told us she was not ready to come in to us yet as she was thinking about her options. In my system she got email specifically on her condition for the next 3 months as well as my weekly broadcast email.

When she rang to book in a full 8 months later she told the receptionist I had been emailing her all that time and now she was ready to come in. What the patient did not realise was these emails were fully automated and were being sent without my input. 

When I start to work with Podiatry clinic owners in my coaching programme one of the first thing we do is email marketing as its so cheap, gives a great return when done right and when set up right work for you 24/7 365 days a year even when you are on holiday. 

If you aren't using email marketing yet then I urge you to start today, give useful information upfront asking for nothing back and you will win fans and grow your Podiatry business.