4 Simple Steps To Boost Turnover If You Don't Have A Large Marketing

Nov 14, 2019

Just last week, I was invited to do a talk on marketing at my societies national non-clinical podiatry conference. One of the questions I was asked by a clinic owner was;

"What do I do if I am a podiatrist working on my own without a large budget budget to spend on marketing."

This question was asked by a Podiatry Clinic owner who was concerned that the marketing funnel and planning I was talking about was complex and would be something she would be unable to implement without a large budget and time. I explained to her that you can never start too small as long as you start.

For that reason I've come up with is four simple steps that you can implement without spending any money on marketing and if you don't have a whole lot of time.


Step 1. Offer free taster consultations on the home page of your website.

Over 90% if not 95% of people that visit health clinic websites take little or no action. They're just not ready to make an appointments as they're skeptical and don't know, trust or like you yet.

Offering a free taster consult of 15 to 20 or 30 minutes, as I do in my clinic, can often break down the skepticism and initiate contact from that patient. During this initial consult, you can start to investigate the patient skepticism, break through their reluctance at trusting someone and give advice on their next step.

When this is done in a spirit of generosity, you will find that the vast majority of these patients will transfer into paid consultations as you unlike most clinics have given them useful information in advance without requesting payment.

Step 2. Do local talks or events.

Quite often you will find local clubs such as ladies organizations, running clubs and so forth would be only too delighted to have a knowledgeable medical condition like yourself, come to their group and give them a talk. You as trained medical clinician will have a ton of useful information that you can trade in exchange for the chance to promote yourself and your clinic.

At the end of this talk, be sure to give an offer. For example 50% off their first consultation, with a voucher you've produced just for that occasion. Be sure to be generous in this offer, 10% off is just not going to do it. Think of the lifetime value of that new patient, not just the initial fee. 

These talks won't cost you anything other than time and can be usually done outside of work hours. It's a great way to network and to build a name in your local area at little or no cost.

Step 3.  Do a weekly broadcast email or newsletter with attached offer.

It's very simple nowadays with CRM systems to send broadcasts broadcast emails/newsletters to all of your patients. MailChimp, for example starts with a price of completely free.

Using this send a weekly or bi weekly newsletter. useful information on conditions that your patients may be seeing. This can be supplemented by adding at the P.S. an offer.

When making the offer make sure that there's a reason to act now, such as limited time availability, or limited number of offers. Remember to make the offer generous and the majority of the email packed to with useful infomormation that your patients will want to read. Going straight for  offer will burn through your patients willingness to open your emails very quickly. 


Step 4. Reactivate past patients who have dropped off.

Your own database of past patients is the simplest and easiest way for you to boost your clinics turnover.

These patients already know you. They already trust and like you and are far more likely to come back for further appointments than a new patient who has no idea what you're like. Reactivating these patients is the simplest and cheapest way to begin a marketing plan.

This can be done in a number of ways. Quite simply, you can call your patients a month or two after you've seen them just to investigate if everything's still 100%. If you dont like ot call them or have limited time you can sms them and can even automate these sms messges.

The CRM system we use in our clinic Cliniko allows us to use a secondary software system, cliniqapps through which we automate or SMS reactivation stroke checkup system. At the time of writing, this has a 15 to one return on investment, and is a no brainer for us to use.

So you can see, you don't have to have a big team behind you, or a large budget to spend on your marketing. All you need to have is the initiative to try something. Make sure you measure it and as your marketing achieves success, begin to expand slowly and surely.

Often when I start to coaching podiatry clinic owners they do not have the marketing or big team budget to spend . In fact I tend to suggest that even if they have a marketing budget that we do not spend it. 

You see it is smarter to work with what you have already and maximise it before you consider spending money on new patients.