How Do You Start Your Clinics Day?

Oct 10, 2019

Whats the first thing you do when you get into your clinic every day?

Do you check your emails?

Do you look at your bank account to see if you can pay the bills?

Do you dive straight into treating patients and not come up for air til lunch time?

Maybe your distracted by facebook?

If you’re doing any of the above you need to STOP.

You have to focus on whats going to grow your business.

That’s you no 1 priority

If your business doesn’t grow you will continue to be where you are now.

A  lot of so called clinic are really just a job.

Everything depends on the owner. Often this includes bringing in the largest turnover from treating patients.

If you want to have to be the one everyone “must see” or be chained to your clinic thats fine as long as you understood that there is another way.

What truly grows your business?

Whats the best and most profitable use of your time in the long term.

Here’s how my day begins.

Get up out of bed. Take a shower. Have breakfast with my wife. Drop the kids to school.

Walk to work grabbing a coffee on the way in.

With an old fashioned pen and paper I list my priorities for today.

Turn on my computer. Take a look at my clinics performance dashboard.

This dashboard tells me how each member of staff is performing in real time.

How many patients they saw. What treatment occurred or was recommended.

Any issues I see with staffs treatment of our patients I detail and address with that staff member within 60 mins.

I could do all of this remotely but prefer to call into the clinic most days.

This is the single best use of my time.

Why? Because having other clinicians treating my patient using my systems to deliver exceptional customer service is how I reach my business goals.

My role is to make sure that this happens every time.

This usually only take 10-15 mins but is the best thing I do all day.

It means we all stay on course and the clinic can still achieve my vision even without my having to do all the work.

If you want to regain control of your life and your clinic without sacrificing the standards or reputation you have built up then you too need too need to learn to delegate but not abdicate.

Are you prioritising the thing that will allow you to achieve your goals

Is your morning routine getting you closer to Earning More, Working Less & Living Life.

If you’re not sure then you need expert help just like your patients who come to you seeking help.

If your clinic is not delivering the life you want then its because your priorities are wrong.

The good news  is that it’s never too late to make a change.

Start now by requesting a Free Discovery Call with me & lets get your clinic providing you with the life you want.