How Do You Retain Your Staff?

Oct 10, 2019

Recently I was giving a presentation at my society's national conference and I was asked a great question. 


“How do you stop your staff leaving you and opening up down the road and stealing my clients?”


This is something we all think especially when we take on our first few clinical staff members. Let's be realistic, you cannot stop staff moving on if they want to. However you can implement steps into your clinic to reduce the possibility of this happening and increase your staff retention rates. 


In politics they say you get the politicians you deserve and the same can be said about staff. You get the staff you deserve. 


Culture Fit.

Every business has a culture even if its completely accidental. You should, as the business owner, spend time working out what kind of a culture you want in your business and want to be able to walk into every day. 


Once you know what that culture is you then make sure its implemented and permeates your business each and every day. When choosing your staff you must consider will they fit into the culture you want to encourage and grow. 

A staff member that does not suit your clinic’s culture is not necessarily a bad person, they just do not suit your business and will end up moving on. So before you hire your next staff member you need to define your culture and choose a good fit. 


“People don’t leave jobs..they leave work poor work Cultures”


Defining Your Expectations. 

More often than not when we take on a new staff member we have only loosely defined beforehand what it is we expect of them in the role. This is a recipe for discord. How can the staff member know what you need them to deliver if your not certain of this yourself. 


Make a finite list of what you expect of them in their new role. Spend a lot of time on this before you even advertise the position. It is very hard to change this after they have started and when you do you will often find a turnover in staff. 


Consider what are the most important things you need the new staff member to achieve so that the business as a whole reaches its goals. Once this is done then make it part of any terms of agreement and measure and report on it regularly. What’s measured will improve.


“Define and measure expectations, objectively”


Encourage Staff Professional & Personal Development


In today allied health work environment competition for staff is fierce. To attract and retain staff you have to stand out from the crowd. More money is not the answer. There will always be someone else willing to pay higher wages. Do you really want to attract staff that are only in it for more money?


Modern staff do not tend to stay in one position for life. It's not like our parents time when you got a “job for life”. They want to know,rightly, whats in it for them. All the best staff want to get better, learn more and push themselves to be better. 


Coinsider making CPD a central part of your culture. In my clinics we close our door to clients every week for 2hours to do CPD as group. I also provide generous funding to pay for staff CPD course they wish to attend and a structured mentorship programme. 


My staff know they may make slightly more money in another clinic but when it comes time for them to move on they will leave with a wealth of knowledge they won’t get elsewhere. 


“Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.”     Bruce Lee


If you are worried about your staff will leave you my advice is don't bother. Of course they will leave you. In all probability that's what you did to open your clinic.

Have confidence in your own skills and build a  business that depends on systems not staff. This will lead to a business that will deliver the same level of care to patients and profits to you even with the normal staff turnover. Any business that relies on a star performer or two is not a real business and is always in peril.


Remember reduce your staff turnover with Kick Ass culture.