How Do I Know I Need A Health Business Coach?

management Sep 30, 2019

At this point, you are probably not sure what a Health business coach will do for you. That’s fair enough. When I first heard of the idea of a business coach for my clinic I was very unsure if that was right for me. I didn’t want to be commercialised or sold to or worse made to become a sleazy sales person doing unethical things in my clinic just to make money.

Let’s face it when we go through University getting our degree pretty much all of the emphasis is on getting us to a basic level of clinical competence. During my time in Uni I got 1 hour of business training on how to run a private practice. It was given by one of the only Podiatrist who worked in the clinics and also owned a private practice. I assume he was chosen as he wore the sharpest suit and seemed to believe he knew what to do.

When I started my own clinic 7 years later I was really clueless on what it took to run a successful podiatry clinic. I had spent a month doing a 15 page business plan that none of the bankers I met read. I still have it and take it out every once in a while for a laugh.

I know I am not alone. As medical professionals we are really well trained and know how to thorough in a patient care and devise a diagnosis of the problems, work out a solution and see the plan through to the end.

But when it comes to the business side we are not at all sure on how we can transfer our clinical skills into enough income to allow us to reach the personal and professional goals we vaguely thought about when we gave up our paid job to open our own clinic.

Maybe we are making good money and delivering a really good service but the clinic is too dependant on us meaning we are tied to the clinic and really what we have built for ourselves is a really well paid job rather than and stand alone business.

Well this is where a Health Business Coach will come in.

They look at your business from a distance and see the opportunities as well as the problems

Of course your business has problems. Your not likely to be reading this if everything was hunky dory are you. Naturally any Health Business Coach worth their salt will be able to spot those problems and with you come up with a plan to work through those problems.

But a Health Business Coach will also be detached enough from your clinic to be able to spot the low hanging fruit or opportunities to get quick wins. It’s not always about spending loads of money on marketing or getting onto the hippest social media craze.

Often there is plenty that be achieved with what you already have. Before spending any extra money on marketing I spent 18 months looking at the opportunities inside my own clinic doubling my profits for no extra spend.

A Heath Business Coach will keep you accountable

Having someone you are paying to check up on you and your business is great. It means that you know there is deadline to get the work you agreed done is delivered on time. Us humans are all the same. We will leave it off until tomorrow if we can and go after that shiny object instead. Just ask my wife what I’m like at fixing things around the house.

Knowing you have a call coming will mean you can’t put off the important stuff that will be needed to get your business into shape.

A Heath Business Coach gives you focus so you get the best results from the least effort

All clinic owners are busy. It can be a real juggling act trying to treat patient’s handle staff, accounts, bills, marketing and day to day running of the clinic. Family is usually the first thing to get jettisoned. A good coach will show you that you can’t do it all yourself, teach you what to focus on to get the biggest bang for your buck and what to delegate.

A Heath Business Coach knows what it takes to turn a clinic into a passive business

At one point I was working 40hours plus in clinic treated patient’s, doing accounts, wages etc in the evenings and weekends and even making my own insoles in a workshop up to 11pm at night. Not matter how hard I worked I still couldn’t afford to slow down as the clinic depended on the income I generated so much. When my wife came home with our 1st child I took 6 hours off.

That time I spent working and not with my family can never be got back.

I now do about 4 hours clinical a week, because I choose to, take 4 holidays a year away from the business and it runs fine without me. Last summer I took all of August off logged in twice remotely  for 40 mins to see how things were going and came back to a clinic that had had its highest ever monthly turnover. I now have a true business that delivers exceptional customer service and patient care by a well trained team that don’t need me there every day to keep things running.

When it boils down to it what we really all want is to be fulfilled. Money is important but it not everything. What most clinic owners really want is a clinic that gives them enough money to make it worth the hassle and thats not so dependant on them that they are tied to it all the time.

They want a business that delivers them Freedom to choose.

That is what Health Business Coach will do for you… you develop the business that delivers you the Freedom to choose and reach your life goals.