How Do I Build My Systems In My Healthcare Business

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2019

When I decided that I wanted to have a business not just a job I realised that I would not be able to do it all myself anymore.

Trying to do it all myself and running all of the time had led me to a place where I was burnt out and worse ready to give it all up.

What I needed was help, someone else to do the things that I had being doing up until now.

The problem was…how could I make sure that they would be done my way.

The answer was to systemise the day to day running of the clinic.

Implementing systems would be mean

  • There was consistency in how we provided our service
  • Staff would always follow the best way of doing things I needed done
  • I didn’t need to be there all of the time
  • We could scale up without any loss of quality of care.

To begin the task seemed huge, how would systemise everything I had been doing for over 10 years.

How do you eat an elephant…….one bite at a time.

I started with the most important things first, how to answer the phone, what type of appointments to recommend, how to rebook patients.

Every time I had to explain to staff how to do something I made sure to systemise it at the same time so that I would have it in the bank and not have to do it over and over.

Writing a system is not a complex undertaking. Simply write out how a task is done step by step.

Write the system as if you are writing it for a 10 year old so its very easy ti understand.

Don’ be afraid to have lots of steps as long as they are crystal clear or “dummy proof”.

To begin with simply type it out and save it in a systems folder either online or in paper form that is accessible to all staff so that they can simply look at this rather than you.

Nowadays as I have gotten better at systems development I record all systems using screen capture software/video and input all of this into the cloud.

We then put all of these into an autoresponder sequence.

For example any new clinical staff get put into a 16 weeks automated email sequence 8 days before they start.

This allows me to train all new staff to do it my way without having to be there ensuring smooth continuity inside my business.

The bonus of using systems like this is that your clinic becomes system led not individual led. This means its not dependent on any particular rock star staff member.

In fact in my clinic since I started using systems I have had almost full turnover of staff and because the new staff had systems to follow the business continued on smoothly

So my advice is start today just doing one system at a time and over time you will build your library up.


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