Having A Website Doesn't Work In Most Health Business's

Oct 10, 2019

A few days ago I was speaking to a Podiatry clinic owner who was struggling to make a profit. 


She said “I don’t seem to be able to get any new of the right type of new patient's. The only patient's that ring the clinic are patient's who just need one off chiropody and don’t want to spend any money. I am really struggling to get patients who need a long programme of care or who have biomechanical problems”


She continued, “You see advertising doesn’t work in my area. I spent a lot on a website but it doesn’t seem to do much for my business and I did google last year and that just doesn’t work for my type of business. I can’t really afford to spend any more on advertising and anyway I think word of mouth is the best type of way to grow my business.”


I said, “Its not websites and advertising that doesn’t work in health clinics. It just YOUR website that doesn’t work. It’s all about you and not about what the patient wants when they go online. Almost every health clinic website is the same and they are all pretty useless.”


I sensed this was not what she wanted to hear.


When you are discouraged or overwhelmed it can be hard to see through the haze.


Here’s what I would do if was in her position.


I would start out by working out who are the patient's I really want to work with or attract. Not just the ones that are cool to work with but those that would bring a profit. 


I would redesign my website all about them and what their hopes and fears and the goals they want to reach. 


I would pack my website with useful information for them to get 100% for free to convince them I was the person to help them reach their goals. 


The really good stuff I would give them in exchange for their contact details. 


Now here’s the biggie;


Then and only then would I turn on my advertising tap and pour potential new patients (the ones I really wanted only) in my sales funnel and I would follow up with them until they came to see me. 


I did this very thing in my clinic redesigning a 6 month old website and shutting off all of my ineffective advertising until I had my sales and follow up funnel ready. 


I now spend 10 times more on my advertising because I KNOW it works. 


At a rough estimate my google ads campaigns bring in a return on investment of 750% -1250%. 


All this clinic owner needs is some guidance, a clear head who has done it before and can show them how to attract the profitable kind of patient's they really want to work with. 


My coaching programme does just that.