Fix Your Leaky Bucket Before Spending Money On Marketing

Oct 10, 2019

Most clinic owners think that all they need to sort all of their problems is more new patients. Well they’re wrong. This is usually not the answer. Certainly not if you already have a clinic and have patients coming in your door.


Did you know that can cost up to 12 times more to get a new customer than to get an existing patient to come back again.


Think of your clinic as a bucket that you pour water(new patients) into. If this bucket is full of holes all your effort at getting those new patients will go to waste and you will not make the most of the opportunity provided by your existing patients.


Instead of focusing on those shiny new patients that you hope to attract focus your attention on the patients you already have. Sit down and make a list of how you can those patients you already have to spend more in your clinic and come back more often.


  • Is time to raise to raise your prices?
  • Would some patients benefit from coming back a little sooner?
  • Can you sell your patients stock items they need anyway such as creams or footwear?
  • What additional services are you not providing that your existing patients would use.


A few years after opening my first podiatry clinic I got sick of referring patients on for physio and not getting any notification from the physio’s as to what they were doing with my patients. So I recruited a physio, opened Keep Active Therapy and increased the size of my business at no extra cost.

I had measured how much I was referring out over a 3 month period before I made the decision and knew it would pay for itself. It was profitable very quickly and instead of having 1 business I now had 2 and was providing and extra service to my existing patients at no extra marketing cost.


In my clinics I have introduced a system whereby the clinical staff must walk the patient to the front desk and hand over the patient explaining when the patient should come back. This simple measure reduced massively the amount of patients saying “I’ll call you when I know my schedule” and not doing so and our rebooking rate shot through the roof and is usually over 80%+.

Another leak to consider is your cancellation policy. Do you even have one, and if you do, are your patients aware of it.

When we implemented our policy and made it clear to patients our cancellation rates changed and we noticed rather than cancel fully, patients would rebook for a day later in the week.


So you see,before you go spending money you probably can’t spare on facebook, google etc look at your leaky bucket and fix those leaks.