Do You Have A Vibrant Culture?

Oct 10, 2019


Back in the old days when I was working 60 hrs a week running my clinic, seeing patients even making my own orthotics, if your had asked me what my clinics culture was I would have thought you were talking about the pictures on the wall of my clinic.

I was too busy being busy to stop and take a breath.

I felt like I was fire fighting every day.

I remember having one particular member of staff who I could just not get to gel.

You know the type, a pleasant enough person but just no matter what you said or did they had a reason why it was wrong.

Looking back on it now I know he resented working for me and showed his frustration by being as difficult as he could get away with.

Things got so bad that I used to pull into the car park and sit in the car for 2 or 3 mins giving myself a pep talk to get me to go in.

It was my own business and I hated it and hated the situation it had put me in.

I felt trapped.

I wondered how I had been so stupid to give up a full time job to take on this life of being constantly stressed, no money left over after bills and staff who just would not get on board.

It was NO life and I was so sick of it.

Do you ever feel like that ?


Well that was before I understood that my business culture was not about the pictures on the wall.

Your business Culture is the ethos and values that it follows and delivers every day.

Its the “rules” or “way” your clinic ans its staff including you will conduct itself each and every minute of every day.

How I did it I sat down and worked out what kind of business I wanted and came up with our mission statement.

This was a single statement that explained what the clinic stood for or was there to do.

Ours is ……

“To help people live their best lives by keeping them Active and Mobile in a holistic way that recognises them as a person first a patient second.” 

I followed on from this and developed our Core Values or the simple values we would follow to ensure we delivered on our mission statement.

So far it was pretty easy, all I had to do was write out some high thinking goals, but I needed to  truly change the culture in the clinic and my life for the better.

 I had to get buy in from the staff 

Otherwise it would be total waste of time. 

To do this I closed the clinic one afternoon and got all staff to attend even those on their day off came.

I explained that I wanted the improve the culture and atmosphere in the clinic and wanted their help.

I unveiled the mission statement and the core values and explained that I was going to make this public that very day, putting it on our website on the wall of the waiting room.

Then I explained that I wanted them to come up with our belief system.

This would be the set of rules that we the staff would all agree to follow to work together.

This was an internal document only and they, not me, would decide on the rules.

Over the course of that afternoon facilitated by me my staff changed the culture of my business for the better and took ownership of the culture of the business as they had essentially decided on what culture they wanted/needed to achieve or core values.


Don’t get me wrong it was not all plain sailing form there on.

No business where you have staff is.

But developing an agreed Culture did mean we all knew what was expected and where we were going.

Now all new staff are educated on our culture before they start by another member of staff, not me and basically told this is how we do it here.

If you can’t live with that then the collective will hold you accountable.

This change means that there is pride taken in the clinic by all staff and an almost protective atmosphere of our culture.

This has freed me from the previous battles with staff who did not know what was expected of them and I now look forward to walking into my own business.


I help all of my private clients through this process in my coaching programme and help them with getting staff buy in early in the process. 

I can help you too  build a culture in your clinic which will drive your business on and on. 

Fill in the form below and we can jump on a discovery call and see if we are a good fit for each other.

Its time to Earn More, Work Less & begin to Live Life