Are You Worried About Your Competition?

Nov 25, 2019

I don’t know if you have noticed as I have a trend over the past few weeks of quite a number of podiatrists becoming concerned about other clinics, including those not registered as podiatrists, opening in their locality. One such discussion on social media had well over 250 comments which were littered with fury at the idea of non pods daring to treat feet. 


I've also had discussions with some clients who are considering moving but slow to move into an area where there are already other foot related clinics including podiatry clinics. In many cases I feel podiatrists feeling that the answer to this increased competition is to hide behind their professional name or the register.


Now don’t get me wrong I think have regulated professions is important to protect the public but it is not there to protect our businesses as some sort of monopoly.


I strongly believe that all of this concern about “the competition” or what the clinic down the road is doing is a waste of your time and energy. In fact, I believe that increased competition is a good thing. 


How can it be anything but a good thing, to increase the public's awareness that there are such thing as people who specifically treat feet.


Are you concerned about increased competition. Would you ever consider  opening up a podiatry clinic in an area that already has a  clinic that provides podiatry or similar service?

If you ask me I think that this is an indication that there is plenty of work in this area and all I need to do is be better at business than the competition. Let's face it in most private health care clinics especially including podiatry clinics it doesn’t take much to be better at business. 


There are 2 very basic things you can do to ensure your success, irrespective of what competition exists.


1st: Have Superior Customer Service. 


Most health clinics have put little or no thought into providing good quality customer service. Almost all of their effort is put into clinical care with customer service, being an afterthought, at best. Do you have a clinic that has good quality or exceptional customer service. 


Having a customer service that gives your patient's a WOW experience will allow you to stand out from your competitors who are doing little or none of this. People make decisions on purchases including with regard to their health emotionally and rationalise it afterwards. 

Ensuring your clinics customer service is such that it provides an emotional reaction will drive your business past that of your competitors.


2nd; A Bigger & Better Marketing Plan


The clinic that can deliver smart and accountable marketing and outspend the competition when it comes to marketing will always be the most successful.


Most clinics have no marketing plan at all and this can be seen with their poor marketing efforts which wastes their marketing budget. Rather than speaking to the patient as they wish to be spoken to their marketing is all about the clinician, their qualifications and how they care more than the next clinic.


This will not convince 90% of the public who nowadays are too marketing savvy for this old line. They need to be convinced of the reasons that they care about of why they should choose one clinic over another. (tip, its not because your website is the prettiest)


If you are concerned about the competition in your area, or a new clinic opening down the road then the time and effort you spend in the pursuit of exceptional customer service and smart marketing will not only negate any effect that they have but propel your clinic well beyond their reach.


When I opened my clinic there was over 40 clinics treating feet in the same city. Today, I have the largest clinic podiatry clinic within an 80 mile radius. This happened because I focused on my clinic and what we did to attract and keep our patients rather than spending any time or any effort worrying about the competition.

Are you worried about your competition? Are you worried that they are providing a better service or out marketing you? 

In my coaching programme I help my clients devise systems to make sure the competition fear them.