Are You Getting Staff Opposition To Implementing Systems In Your Business?

Oct 10, 2019


Just this past week I received an email from a frustrated clinic owner. She said……


Thanks Lorcan

I am really enjoying your emails I am just coming out the other side of staff disasters. So I do appreciate you message.

I have been involved with another business programme and I do believe systems are the way to go what I am struggling with is getting the space to breathe and finish out my systems plan so I can implement them.

I am just curious to know did you get opposition from staff when you tried to implement the systems?

I have just come through 3 years of hell and constant opposition and staff hanging up on me.I am hoping that things will improve with my new staff.

Keep sending the emails.

Regards (name withheld)


I replied as follows;

Thanks for the email.

I’m delighted that you find the emails helpful.

Yeah I know exactly what you mean re staff, but the truth is we cannot scale up and free ourselves from the day to day without them.

I lost all of my staff bar one TWICE since I started implementing proper systems and business concepts into my clinic.

Not all people are suitable for your clinics culture.

I now have less staff, lower wages per staff member, higher turn over and profits have gone up 300%.

  • Having a great staff culture is hugely important
  • Money is not what keeps them happy, being fulfilled is
  • You have to regularly check that systems are being followed
  • Procedures in place if they are not.

All the best and if I can be any more help let me know


You can see this clinic owner is doing their best to change their business for the better and is getting resistance from staff. This is normal.

People do not like change and changing your clinic into a true business is a big change in their lives. You must start by being empathetic to this but also firm that this new way is here to stay.

Jim Collins in the book “Good To Great” talks about having the right people on the bus and if you have wrong people on board your business will never thrive.

Just because your staff are resistant does not mean that they are bad people it just means that you have not convinced of the reasons to change.

This all comes down to the culture you the clinic owner have developed in your clinic.

Culture is a topic I will deal within another blog, but what I mean by culture is the goals and ethos that you want your clinic to follow and represent.

This is then is backed up by a water tight training system to ensure your clinics way of doing things is understood and then being implemented and a simple system to check this and consequences/procedures if not.

All of this becomes much much easier if you can get your staff to buy in……and if not be prepared for staff turnover initially.

Like I said earlier I have lost all of my staff twice as changed things to the new systematised, accountable way of doing it.

None of these people were bad people….they’re just were on the wrong bus.

Look,  nobody said that this was easy, its not, but implementing systems into your clinic will allow you to begin to replace yourself from the day to day and Earn More, Work Less & Live Life.

Lorcan O Donaile

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